Foti’s Family Cafe


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Our Cafe is family friendly, We have fruit smoothies for the kids and long necks on ice for the parents that want to sit back and relax or just pick up you’re order to go.

Our new remodeled Foti’s Market & Cafe serves boiled crawfish & crab & Shrimp. Coming soon, We will fry just about anything we can throw in our pots.

July 1ST we will begin our quest to have the best Fried Chicken Fingers, Catfish, Shrimp, Frog Legs, Oysters, And signature BBQ  Crab and Crawfish.

For a taste so good you’ll call home and your momma will definitely complain and make you bring some home. So save yourself some money and don’t call home.

Incidentally, on the subject of Cell Phones, You are welcome to use your Cell Phone, but beware, because you may lose connection or mysteriously get your phone knocked out of your hand by our friendly ghost “yes this is true”. Our friendly ghost is none other than the world’s most famous goat. Our pet goat died of cancer in the year 2000. His name was “DOLLAR BILL”. As a kid he was mischievous and on several occasions he would knock my cordless phone out of my hand because he wanted attention.

Well it’s the same situation he wants the customer to give us as well as we will give each other the attention that both of us deserve, in a family owned, down to earth small business

And while you’re shopping around look for “COCO” our pet Cocker Spaniel behind the counter and “Heckyl” & “Jeckyl” our pet roosters that roam around outside of our facility, sometimes greeting customers as they walk into a Christian owned family    

The Dine In Area Of The Café

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Café Main Entrance

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