We Buy Scrap

We Buy Scrap

We buy all types of non ferrous metals such as, Aluminum cans, Aluminum (sheet & Extrusion), Brass, Copper ((Bare #1 & #2) & Insulated Wire), Radiators, Coolers, Stainless Steel, Automotive Batteries, Etc.

Our recycling facility is one of the newest in the State. All concrete parking / No nails in your tires here. We now have a drive through for your convenience. All inside so weather is not a problem.

We mean business, we give honest weights, you must have a proper ID, or we will not wait on you.

We strive to keep all of this excess waste out of our landfills, so that our children will not have to worry about a shortage of landfills or a shortage of raw material to make new products out of metal. And there are many other advantages to recycling.

Because metal prices are changing all the time you may call us for our current market prices, or if you have any questions about metals don’t hesitate to call. We can make things happen. Call 337-332-4636 local call or 1-800-874-5865. Fax: 337-332-0754

Our State Of the Art Scrap Storage Facility

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Our Concrete Customer Parking

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Aluminum Can Recycling Equipment

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